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Landscape Construction And Hardscaping

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DRS Lawn & Landscape is a fully and fully insured Long Valley NJ based landscaping and lawn maintenance company offering residential and commercial homes Landscape Construction Services in Beatyestown NJ which include:

  • Landscape Design/Installation
  • Hardscaping
  • A Pool as well as a Patio Landscaping
  • Paver/Bluestone patios and walks
  • Retaining walls – Decorative Stone or Modular Block
  • Stone Pillars
  • Backhoe Service
  • Long Valley NJ Landscaper
  • Masonry Work
  • Custom-designed ponds
  • Lawn Installations/Renovations
    (Seeding Or Sodding)
  • Fence Installations
  • Stone driveway Repairs
  • Mulch, Stone, Topsoil Delivery
  • Tree Spade Service – (1) 40″ & (1) 54″ spades
  • Land Clearing
  • Stone Veneer Masonry
  • Heavy and Light Excavating Work
  • Job Punch List Experts
  • Low Voltage Lighting

Planting shrubs along a wall

Hardscapes, Stone Veneers, & Masonry – Our Specialty

Through DRS Lawn & Landscape is sure to provide you with a beautiful indoor or outdoor living space. Concrete and stone structures are our specialty and we will treat your home as our own. Built with care, the highest quality craftsmanship and focus on detail, our landscapes, veneers and masonry work will never disappointLandscapes add value to the property of your house, and the outside of your home extends the look of your home It is our aim to integrate your landscape in a way that reflects your style.

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What Are Landscapers Beatyestown?

1. Landscapers design and maintain outdoor spaces like yards, parks, gardens, and other green areas.

2. They work to create a visually pleasing environment by selecting plants that thrive in the given climate and soil conditions of a particular site.

3. Landscaping can also involve hardscaping elements such as pathways, walls, patios, or decks to provide functionality within the landscape design.

4. It is essential for landscapers to be knowledgeable about local vegetation types to select species of plants that will flourish in the region without needing excessive care or resources from their owners over time.

5. Landscape maintenance typically involves mowing lawns, regularly removing weeds and debris from flower beds, and applying fertilizers or pesticides to ensure healthy foliage growth throughout the year.


Pros And Cons Of Landscaping


1. Landscaping can improve the aesthetic appeal of a property and create an inviting environment.

2. Professional landscapers are experienced in creating pleasing designs that maximize the use of space, reduce water usage, and enhance curb appeal.

3. Hiring a landscaper can save time and effort by providing you with professional services to quickly complete the job without sacrificing quality or safety.

4. Landscaping projects can increase property values if done correctly and professionally, as well as reduce energy costs due to more efficient irrigation systems or climateappropriate plants that require less water or maintenance than traditional grass lawns would require.

5. Wellmaintained landscapes also help minimize pest infestations while promoting healthier environmental conditions (by reducing runoff pollutants).


1. Hiring professionals for landscaping services may be expensive depending on the scope of work needed to complete your project satisfactorily; however, it is often worth the cost for long-term benefits such as increased value through better aesthetics and improved efficiency from adequately designed irrigation systems/plants, etc.

2 . Landscaping requires ongoing maintenance, which could be labor intensive when DIYing – this means regular mowing/weeding/watering etc., so it might not be suitable for those who don‘t have much free time or are unable to do physical labor themselves.

3 . Due diligence must always be taken when selecting a landscape contractor – inexperienced contractors may provide substandard results leaving homeowners disappointed with their investment both financially & aesthetically speaking.


Decision-Making Factors When Hiring A Landscaper

1. Budget: Determine your available budget for the work to be completed.

2. Location: Identify where landscaping services are needed, and consider factors like climate and soil type when deciding which plants and materials may be suitable.

3. Style: Decide on a particular style or theme that you would like your landscape to reflect; this could range from informal cottage gardens to formal Japanesestyle landscapes, depending on preference.

4. Services: Consider which services will be necessary for achieving the desired outcome (e.g., lawn maintenance, tree trimming/removal, flower bed installation, etc.).

5. Plantings: Choose appropriate trees, shrubs, grasses, and ground covers based on your landscapers advice regarding suitability in terms of the environment and aestheticsfor example, color palette or texture considerations such as foliage contrast or height variation within beds.

6 . Hardscaping elements (elements other than plant material): Select features such as pathways/walkways, patios/terraces, and decks that best complement the design plan while providing practical functionality; check with a professional if unsure whether these structures require permits before construction/installation beginning.

7 . Maintenance schedule: Establish an ongoing maintenance program with your service provider to keep your outdoor space looking its best over time!