Landscaping can enhance the beauty and functionality of your property, but it can come with a hefty price tag. This guide will help you understand the costs associated with different landscaping services in New Jersey so you can make informed decisions about your outdoor space.

Factors That Affect Landscaping Costs

  1. Size of the Property
  2. Scope of Work
  3. Materials Used
  4. Seasonal Demand
  5. Contractor Experience

1. Size of the Property

The size of your property is one of the most significant factors that affect landscaping costs. A larger property requires more labor, materials, and equipment, which will increase the overall cost of your project.

2. Scope of Work

The scope of work refers to the specific landscaping services you require. Essential landscaping services, such as lawn mowing and weed control, will be less expensive than a complete landscape design project that involves installing a new patio, retaining walls, and planting new trees and shrubs.

3. Materials Used

The materials used for your landscaping project will also affect the overall cost. High-end materials like natural stone are more expensive than concrete pavers or mulch. However, they can also increase your property’s value and aesthetic appeal.

4. Seasonal Demand

The demand for landscaping services fluctuates throughout the year. In New Jersey, spring and summer are the busiest seasons for landscaping contractors. If you schedule your project during the off-season, you may be able to negotiate lower prices.

5. Contractor Experience

The experience and expertise of your landscaping contractor can also impact the cost. More experienced contractors may charge higher rates, but they can also provide higher quality work and greater attention to detail.

Typical Landscaping Costs in New Jersey

Lawn Care

  • Lawn Mowing: $30 – $60 per visit
  • Lawn Fertilization: $50 – $100 per application
  • Lawn Aeration: $75 – $200 per visit


  • Patios: $10 – $25 per square foot
  • Retaining Walls: $20 – $40 per square foot
  • Walkways: $10 – $25 per square foot


  • Planting Trees and Shrubs: $50 – $200 per plant
  • Sod Installation: $1 – $2 per square foot
  • Mulching: $2 – $5 per square foot


What Should I Look for in a Landscaping Contractor?


Look for a contractor with several years of experience in the industry. This indicates that they have a track record of success and can provide high-quality work.


Ask for examples of the contractor’s previous work to understand¬†their style and capabilities.


Ask for references from previous clients to ensure that the contractor delivers satisfactory work and is reliable and professional.

Licensing and Insurance

Make sure that the contractor is licensed and insured. This protects you from any liability in case of accidents or damages during the project.

Can I Save Money by Doing Landscaping Myself?

While DIY landscaping may seem like a way to save money, it may cost you more in the long run. Lack of experience and access to equipment can lead to mistakes that require expensive fixes. Additionally, professional landscaping contractors often have access to wholesale pricing for materials, saving you money on supplies.

How Do I Get an Accurate Landscaping Quote?

To get an accurate quote for your landscaping project, it’s essential to be specific about your needs and expectations. Provide a detailed description of the work you want to be done and ask for an itemized breakdown of costs. Get multiple quotes from different contractors to compare prices and services.

What Should I Do if I’m Not Happy with the Work?

If you’re not satisfied with the work done, communicate your concerns with the contractor. Many issues can be resolved with open communication and a willingness to find a solution. If the contractor is unresponsive or unwilling to address your concerns, you may need to escalate the situation or seek legal recourse.


Landscaping is an investment that can improve the appearance and value of your property. Understanding the factors affecting New Jersey’s landscaping costs can help you budget for your project and find a contractor that meets your needs. Remember to do your research, get multiple quotes, and communicate your expectations with your contractor for the best results.


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NJ Landscaping Cost Guide

“NJ Landscaping Cost Guide” is a comprehensive resource that can help you understand the factors that affect the cost of landscaping projects in New Jersey. Knowing what to expect lets you make informed decisions about your landscaping needs and find a contractor that provides high-quality work at a fair price.