These top fall landscaping services prepare for falling leaves and cooler temperatures. There’s no better way to get your home in shape for the upcoming colder months than fall maintenance on your yard. Whether your property is big or small, there are many ways to help it look its best before winter settles in. These are some of the best services to keep things looking great without breaking a sweat. From removing dead leaves and twigs from older trees to getting eye-catching mums planted before they go dormant in November, there are so many ways you can make your property something that friends and family will love visiting come autumn.

Mow the lawn and trim your hedges and shrubs

If you procrastinate about mowing in the spring and summer, you’ll have to do it twice as often in the fall. That’s because leaves from your trees and bushes will fall on your lawn — and the more, the harder it will be to keep your mower from getting clogged. Plus, if you neglect to mow for a couple of weeks, you’ll end up with a yard that’s more like a meadow than a lawn — not the best look when you have guests over. Trimming your hedges and bushes is also essential. They can make your yard look tidy and manicured, but they can also be dangerous if left untrimmed. The best time to cut them back is in the fall — just before they start growing again in the spring. If you can’t get to them yourself, most landscaping companies will be able to do it for you.

Install winter-proofing measures

If you have any trees on your property that are particularly old or large, you’ll want to make sure they’re ready for winter. Hiring a professional landscaping company is a good idea if you’re unsure how to do it. They’ll be able to tell you what your trees need to stay healthy through the colder months. If your trees need pruning, make sure to get it done before it gets too cold. You’ll want to shield your trees from the sun during winter by covering the canopy with tarps or blankets. You can also hire professionals to install a cable-and-winch system that will help you protect the limbs from breaking — and your roof from getting damaged in the event of strong winds.

Add a bit of color with fall planting services.

If you want to add a pop of color to your yard as the leaves start to change, spring and fall planting is the best time to do it. The best spring plants are tulips, daffodils, and hyacinths. For fall, you’ve got many more options — and they’ll bloom right as the weather cools down. You can choose between trees, bushes, and flowers. You can mix and match so that you’re not just getting one type of plant for your yard — you can get several that will look great throughout the fall and winter months.

Revive your landscape with fertilizing services

If you want to keep your spring and fall plants thriving after the first year, you’ll want to fertilize them. You can buy fertilizer in bulk at the store, but it’s not as effective as the type used by landscapers. The professional-grade fertilizer will give your plants and trees the nutrients they need to look beautiful year after year. Any landscaping company will be able to provide you with this service. Some companies even provide a fertilizer-delivery service, so you don’t have to worry about remembering to add it to your yard each year.

Chester NJ Landscapers

There are a lot of great landscaping companies out there — and if you live in a place where it gets cold, you can bet those companies will be busier than ever in the fall. If you want your yard to remain in top shape during the fall and winter months, it’s essential that you get your landscaping services scheduled as early as possible. DRS Landscaping will get booked up pretty quickly once the weather cools down — so you’ll want to get things booked before it gets too chilly outside. Contact Us now!